Askhay Charlie and Paul is a friendless, lonely, all-female, NYC-based band comprised
of two art school students who attended The Cooper Union from 2006-2010.
Their names are Alexandra Bull (guitar and some vocals) and Hope Boyarsky (vocals
and no guitar).

The Band formed out of spite in February 2007 to confuse a competing Cooper band,
whose members were literally named “Akshay” (percussion), “Charlie” (saxophone),
and “Paul” (guitar), at their Freshman Dorms Talent Show. As a result, both bands were
forced to share third place due to the misguided, yet none-the-less official judging
of Cait the RA, who was actually a really big slut. The competing band from then on
announced themselves as “The Real Akshay Charlie and Paul” and then later replaced
Akshay with a computer.

Since their competition was one human down, Akshay Charlie and Paul (Hope and
Alex) began to finesse their gig into a twenty-minute-long pop song medley, and
performed it live at The Cooper Union Promusica of Februray 2007. They didn’t just
blow, they blowed minds.

However, their new school-wide stardom left them even lonelier because everyone
was certain that these two crazy bitches must be some pretty bored lesbians or something.
Akshay Charlie and Paul continued to perform 20 Minute Medley until it was exhausted
into a performance piece that include an Astroturf suit, pots and pans, a bikini, and
Christmas lights burning into directly into Bull’s arm flesh. After the blister-hole in Alex’s arm
healed the girls performed new material towards the end of 2007 touching on subjects
ranging from genital herpes to The Rainbow Connection. Boyarsky, a devout rabbit-lover,
got a bunny named Jenga, which ultimately broke up the band. But this newfound free
time finally enabled the girls to make a few buddies and score some boyfriends.